Centennial DIY Makeover

Photo: Painting the church 10-08-2014
The Little White Church was losing its luster so the leadership of Centennial spearheaded a fundraiser that allowed a lot of much needed work to be done to the church. A contractor was hired to fix the roof steeple, update the railing and crown molding. Various church members with handyman skills also pitched in to lend a helping hand.

Painting the church 10-08-2014

A nonprofit organization called Youth Build volunteered to paint the exterior of the church, white of course. The results are fantastic! 

Photo: Picture of them painting the church 10-08-2014

We would like to thank God for giving us the necessary means and faith to get this job done. We would also like to thank everyone would contributed to the preservation of one of the Lord's temples. Great work.

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