Church Funnies - The Wholliest Matrimony

Before this man became husband to his wife he was touched by the Holy spirit. So much so that I'm surprised he was able to kiss his bride.

Church Funnies - A Lesson In Food Blessing

Old dude from House of Payne show us how NOT to say the grace over our food. Always hilarious, this gospel play clip is classic comedy.

Church Funnies - A Child of Gag

God loves the child who has his own but this child needs somebody else's voice. A classic clip of church comedy.

Church Funnies - Holy Ghost Wig Toss

This was completely off the chain as a church lady in the spirit slings her wig off her head. Oh so funny.


Church Funnies - Omazing Grace

What in the world!?%! This is hilarious...The person who handed this man the mic needs prayer. He don't even know the words! Lord help him, for he knows not he can't sing.


The Summer Picnic

Our gracious pastor blessed his congregation with an all expense paid cookout on the church grounds. The food was delicious and the games were fun. We really appreciated the day of fellowship and would like to thank Reverend Scott for a great time.


Church Funnies - The Cheerful Giver

This guy took catching the spirit to a whole new level. He breaks it down like I've never seen before. This is hilarious. Check it out...


Breakfast Fundraiser

It was almost Christmas so the members of Centennial decided to spread some holiday cheer and raise some money for the church at the same time. Everyone pitched in to sell tickets good for a home cooked breakfast and good fellowship on December 20th, 2008. Some of the ladies arrived as early as 7:00 am to prepare to food and decorate the restaurant. We would like to thank the Tucker family at Carolina Steak & Ribs for donating their facility for our fundraiser.

Right at 8:00 am, the first patrons began to file in to redeem their breakfast tickets. Everyone got full from a delicious serving of pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs and juice or coffee. It was beautiful to get together on a Saturday morning with neighbors, friends and family who you might not have been able to previously. The servers looked great with their little elf hats as everyone was greeted with a smile plus a candy cane.
The members of Centennial AME Zion who pitched in to make the fundraiser a success are greatly appreciated. Everyone chipped in collectively to produce an excellect team effort.

Meet Our Pastor

Our Pastor, Reverend James Scott is a good man. A man of the cloth for 25 years, he was born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina before enlisting in the United States Army. Upon completing his time in service, he returned home from abroad and did what most young men in that day and time did. He ran from his first calling to preaching by switching churches only to find that God had that same destiny waiting for him at his new church.

Studying theology and becoming God's servant is his passion as he has dedicated his life to spread the word of God and assisting Jesus in saving souls. He also is a very sincere family man as well as a successful business man, owning several stores and companies over the years. His particular style and personality is very unforgettable but most importantly, he is a man of his word. Come out to hear his no nonsense approach at any of Centennials many events or church services.


Meet Our Church Family

Centennial AME Zion Church Hello, Children of God. Welcome to the website for Centennial AME Zion aka The Little White Church On The Side Of The Road. First and foremost, we are here for the uplifting of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As a close knit church family, we have a good time praising His name and would love to have you visit our Sunday church service and Wednesday Bible study.

We are blessed to be located at 1852 Flat Creek Road, also known as SC Highway 903, in Lancaster, South Carolina. From South Main Street in Lancaster you should turn left on Chesterfield Avenue. Continue to travel on Chesterfield Avenue for about 4 miles because it eventually becomes SC Highway 903. We are on the right hand side just after the Carolina Sign Care building. Feel free to call if you need more information or help, (803) 285-8616.

We have a wonderful church service ever Sunday that begins with Sunday School at 10:00 AM and is immediately followed by regular Morning Worship Service at 11:00 AM until about 2:00 PM depending on The Holy Spirit. Every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM we have the most interesting Bible Study around. We cover not only the books of the Bible but also modern day issues and how they relate to Christians.

Our Pastor is an excellent preacher, teacher and Shepard and is always available for counsel, prayer or just an encouraging word. We hope to see you soon so until then stay blessed.