Meet-A-Member - Annie Belle McIlwain

Hello fellow Christians. We would like to introduce one of the pillars of Centennial AME Zion Church. Her name is Annie Belle McIlwain and she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Mama Annie Belle loves to be in church and has been a member of Centennial for over forty years. During her tenure she has been a choir director, a deaconess, church secretary, and the senior choir president. She loves to sing and her favorite gospel song is "Over Yonder".

Mama Annie Belle grew up in Lancaster, her sister Eva Mae calling her 'Bay'. Growing up she always wanted to be a teacher but she became occupied raising her seven children. She was married twice and did housework professionally. She also worked in the fields in between tending to her four girls; Virginia, Evadell, Linda and Brenda, plus her three boys; Odell, Sammy and Charles. Mama Annie Belle loved to fish, grew a great, big garden and had a passion for cooking. She always found herself feeding not only her kids but the neighborhood kids as well.

Blue is her favorite color and it goes well with her spunky attitude. Her favorite food is chicken and she loves to drink lemonade. She likes all kinds of TV shows but you will most likely find her set tuned into the western channel. She still gets a kick reading children stories but agrees that the Bible is the book for her. Annie Belle McIlwain is an inspiration for all of us but don't just take our word for it, come down and meet her for yourself.

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