Meet-A-Member - Mary Stinson Jones

Meet Mary Jones
To get in good with Centennial AME Zion Church, there is one lady you should definately get to know. Introducing Mary Stinson Jones. She has been a member of Centennial for over 20 years and has many duties that include Sunday School Superintendent and teacher, Finance Officer & Deaconess. Born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina, she is a graduate of Barr Street Senior High School and Denmark Technical College where she says she majored in Industrial Sewing. She credits her greatest accomplishment as running her own sewing business for over 40 years and is often called 'The Sewing Lady'. The place she enjoyed visiting the most was Detroit, Michigan and Canada but has also lived in Washington D.C. It was a sad time for her because while she was living there, Martin Luther King Jr. died and she lost her grandmother. She has a very loving family that include four brothers and four sisters, one who has passed. She testifies that she knows God is good because the doctors told her she was going to die back in the 1970's but she is still here today.

Her favorite Bible verse is John 14:1 which reads "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.." Mrs. Jones enjoys reading books and is currently reading author Kevin Waiters' book 'Brother To Brother'. She also likes Ebony magazine but if she is watching a movie, she likes any Tyler Perry movie. When watching television she likes 'Touched By An Angel'. She always believed that if she was going to be famous for anything, it would be for singing but she says her throat is too scratchy. Her favorite singer is Marvin Sapp and thinks "The Best In Me" is a very beautiful song. She believes her best quality is that she is able to help people especially children but thinks she can always work on being a better person. She says that the nicest thing someone has ever done was when she was helped financially when she really needed it without her even asking.

Her favorite color is maroon and her worst fear is heights. Mary enjoys bowling & playing Solitaire for fun. She would like to one day meet Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington, would help the church & pay off bills if she came into some money, and would save her purse and Bible if her house was on fire. Her favorite restaurant is Jomars in Lancaster, her most delicious dish is macaroni & cheese, she just loves to drink Fanta orange soda but can't stand broccoli. Her words of encouragement are to always trust in the Lord and be blessed. To find out more about Mary Stinson Jones, come learn from her at Centennial's Sunday School at 10:00 am. Lord willing, she's there every week. God bless.

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