Meet-A-Member - Floyd Thomas Jr.

Visiting churches sometimes try to recruit our musicians because Centennial is known for its sensational talent. The man responsible for those soulful sounds is Floyd Thomas Jr. This 12 year member of Centennial is not only the Music Director but he is also a member of the Board of Trustees. He loves Jesus and doesn't like to miss church. His favorite scripture in the Bible is the 14th Chapter of the Book of John in which Jesus speaks of many mansions, states that He is the way, the truth, and the life and that to see Him is to see the Father. Jesus also promises the first and second Comforters.

Floyd is a very well dressed gentleman who always respects others and treats people like he likes to be treated. Born in September of 1964 in Charlotte, NC, he went to Myers Park High School. He has three sisters who lovingly call him Punkin, one named Nettie who is also a member and drummer at Centennial AME Zion, and he had a brother who was tragically killed. Floyd says his greatest accomplishment was raising his two daughters after their mother passed when they were 13 & 8. Floyd now has a granddaughter. His greatest fear is for the children of the world who suffer from hunger and disease. We all should pray that God will bless them.

While Floyd says he had a weakness for pork chops, his favorite dishes are fish and banana pudding for dessert. He prefers home cooking over restaurant food and he likes to drink Sobe fruit juices. Floyd enjoys watching old movies or action flicks and can't get enough of Andy Griffith on TV. His favorite sport is wrestling and regrets not wrestling back in school.

Recently, Floyd and his group The Sons of Thunder was blessed with a record deal with BOC Records out of Charlotte, NC. This a great accomplishment for the seven member band who organized back in 1978 by Joe Wilson. Originally named The Disciples, they were dubbed The Sons of Thunder by a preacher who had mistaken the name of their 1987 album for the name of the band and it just stuck. They have a total of five independent releases and hope to have their first nationally distributed CD complete this year. For contact and booking, email Floyd at floydthomasjr@hotmail.com or come to Centennial AME Zion and hear him play for yourself. Be blessed.

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